Partner With Us

Marastar is a trusted business partner for retailers, distributors and OEMs across a variety of industries. Customers count on us to consistently deliver innovative design, customized sourcing solutions and strategic merchandising that benefits consumers and merchants.

Innovative Design

The team at Marastar has been raising the bar in design and innovation for more than 15 years. Whoever said reinventing the wheel is a bad thing? Our goal is to always find a way to simplify the lives of our customers and end-consumers. We do this with decades of experience in the field, state of the art testing and validation resources, but most importantly, with the drive to constantly challenge what’s been done before.

Customized Sourcing Solutions

Marastar can develop a sourcing plan to suit any customer’s needs. We have experience in full or mixed direct import containers, domestic fulfillment, drop ship, etc. In addition to our dedicated warehouse in the Pacific Northwest, we have a vast network of Carlstar distribution facilities and third-party logistic partners to maximize freight efficiency and reduce lead time for our customers.

Strategic Merchandising

We strive to make what can be a daunting shopping experience, simple. Innovations like the Universal Wheelbarrow Tire drastically reduced the number of stocked SKUs in home improvement stores. Easy-to-read packaging and simple installation instructions ensure a positive experience for end consumers. We know every shopping experience is unique, which is why we will provide the marketing and merchandising resources to increase product sell-through, whether it’s in-store, online or in a catalog.